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The Butler/Banks Tour Day 2: Get to know Alan Jones!

Today on the tour we feature the outstanding independent writer and fellow ATLien Alan Jones!
Alan is a former columnist for the Atlanta Tribune, who has worked most of his adult life as a Business/IT consultant, working all across America from Los Angeles to Wall Street. Born in Atlanta, Alan attended GA-Tech and GA State, obtaining [...]

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The Butler/Banks Book Tour Begins!

Hey y’all! For the next three weeks you’ll experience a taste of the best in black speculative fiction. I’ve joined with a few of my fellow writers to pay homage to two icons of the black speculative fiction: Octavia Butler and L.A. Banks. Our first stop on the tour is the blog of writer Colby [...]

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What’s My Writing Process

I’ve been tag to participate in a year long blog hop by Alan Jones (, fellow speculative fiction writing buddy and State of Black Science Fiction Collective participant. The question is, ‘What’s my writing process?’ Here are the answers.
What am I working on? I’m always juggling multiple projects. I’m currently revising the third volume of [...]

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A Milestone

Today I reached a significant milestone. Today my sales for 2013 surpassed 1000. The official total as of today is 1003, which I hope will increase by the end of the day. The more time passes the more I realized how many books that is. In the scheme of things it’s not a lot; [...]

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October is Black Speculative Fiction Month!

I’m so excited! This year signifies the first celebration of Black Speculative Fiction month. For the entire 31 days, people around the country and around the world will highlight the contributions of black speculative fiction writers to our respective genre. The events will be limited in scope (this is the first year, after all) but [...]

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Sword and Soul at DragonCon 2013

I have to be honest. If it weren’t for the fact that I’m a speculative fiction writer I probably would never had attended DragonCon. I’ve lived in Atlanta for 30 years, so I was here when the Southeast’s largest genre convention began, but I had no interest in attending. But the day I decided to [...]

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Convention Distribution: A Cooperative Concept

Every now and then (well actually a lot more than that) I occupy my mind with thoughts on how to sell my books. Over the years I’ve seen a steady growth in sales, but anyone in business will tell you that a business must grow or die, and growth has to be planned. Recently after [...]

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Sword and Soul Graphic Novels: An Update

Last year (I think) I blogged about Sword and Soul graphic novels. At the time I knew of one that was available and two potential projects. Well, this year I’m happy announce that serious progress has been made! At the writing of this blog there are three Sword and Soul graphic novel projects available to [...]

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Sword and Soul Calibur

Back in the day, I played lots of video games. That was before you had to press all the buttons to play a video game. Of all the games I played the one I enjoyed the most was Soul Calibur. I didn’t discover the game until Soul Calibur 3, but it was such a treat. [...]

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Why I’m a Steamfunkateer

I wasn’t always a Steamfunkateer. About a year ago I was just a Sword and Soul brother writing and publishing my stories for the world to read. For years I’d plotted to do just that and in 2008 I jumped into the fray. It was my plan to start with stories in the Motherland then [...]

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