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Gunman’s Peace: Part Three

“Moses, no!” Moses hesitated. He turned then stared into the eyes of Amanda Berkowitz. Her dirty gray hair fell off her head in disarray, blood splattered on her blouse, apron and skirt. She pressed her small hands against her chest, the village posture for prayer. “Come on Amanda, don’t do this,” Moses said. “You let […]

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Gumman’s Peace: Part Two

The trucks sped down the main road of the village, stopping in the center of town. Christopher Talbert, the village elder, emerged from the wooden town center building and strolled to the trucks. He raised his hands in the customary village greeting. Armed men sprang from the truck, firing automatic weapons into the air. “Slavers!” […]

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Rosarium Publishing: Seeking Higher Ground

I must admit my publishing is a totally selfish project. I chose to do so to sell my books and to have the opportunity to own my own business again. The majority of the books I publish are written by me; my anthologies are edited by me and a few friends and contain stories I’ve […]

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Dark Universe: Considering All The Possibilities

Science Fiction is a genre in which all future possibilities can be and should be considered. But publishing, just like any other business, is iinfluenced by the opinions of those who controlled the industry and the perceived desires of the purchasing demographics. These opinions have greatly influenced what we see from black speculative writers via […]

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The Gate: Part V

Changa entered the outskirts of Kilwa Milikiya under a noonday sun. The abandoned city was quiet, but Changa knew his men still lived. He’d seen signs along the way of felled trees and animal remains which meant they were following his orders. His feelings were confirmed as he neared the mosque; Yusef and the others […]

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The Gate: Part IV

Changa remained awake long after Sayidana slept, worry and guilt refusing him rest. His decision to come the tainted island revealed his inexperience. Maybe if he had studied his situation long he could have found another way to redeem his losses. But he had chosen what he thought would be a quick way to alieve […]

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The Gate: Part III

There was movement at the door. Changa and the others leapt to their feet, weapons at the ready. The doors swung open and a woman entered, her wet clothing clinging to her body. She leaned against a thick carved staff, her head covered with a plain head wrap. She as she looked about Changa noticed […]

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The Gate: Part II

The two spent the remainder of the day procuring supplies from the market.  When they returned they loaded supplies on the dhows then shared a meal with the men on the docks. Changa didn’t return to his counting room that night; instead he slept on deck with his crews, savoring the open air and the […]

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The Gate: A Before The Safari Adventure – Part One

Mombasa slumbered under a sliver of a moon, the eastern monsoons blowing a warm wind across the waters. The beaches were empty save the dhows, the baharia that sailed them either gone to their homes in the stone town or country town or sleeping below their decks. The stone warehouses bordering the beach landings were […]

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The Damel’s Man: The Epic Fantasy Begins

Talk about a long time coming. This story begins 7 years ago at the National Black Arts Festival. I had just released Meji Book One and I was checking out the artwork with  my wife, hoping to find a painting or African artifact to purchase.As I was looking about I came across some of the […]

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