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Black Beetles in the Salvador by Michael ‘Caiman’ McLeod (A SOBSF Black History Story)

“A necessidade faz o sapo pular,” Manoel thought as he heard the shipping captain call the work day to an end. He huffed a bit to himself, momentarily amused at the thought of a frog moving a huge bushel of sugarcane on its small green back. Few things were truer than that. The only difference was where frogs hopped, men worked. [...]

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Sally Mary Henry (A SOBSF Black History Speculative Fiction Story)

Mama and Daddy told me never run as fast as I can, and I abided. I worked the battlefields of Virginia a while. Nobody knew how I was able to get help to so many wounded. Nobody paid attention to a black girl, particularly one that knew to be smart. A bunch of shot up [...]

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Three Finger’d Jack by Balogun Ojetade and Maniga M. Otep (SOBSF Black History Selection)

The oak wheels of the wagon sounded like distant rolling thunder. The driver of the wagon put a bottle of whiskey to his lips and then turned the bottom of the bottle skyward. The driver wiped [...]

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Nat Turner: Necrosis of the Serpent by Guy A. Sims (SOBSF Black History Story)

“Git’im in heah!  Quick now!”
The barn side door was opened just enough for the two dark men to carry the third in.  The barn was quiet except for the sounds of a few animals and low voices near the hay station.  “Him hurt bad?”
The taller of the two shook his head.  “Uh-huh!  Bloodied bad but [...]

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Paradigm by Nila N. Brown/SOBSF celebrates Black History Month

By Nila N. Brown
Canal Street
New York City, 1898
Ten-year old Leona Edwards took in as much of the busy street as she could, mindful of the non-stop pedestrians going in every direction.  She had never been out of Alabama before, and New York City was fussier than any street in Tuskegee. The horseless carriages making their [...]

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Journey to Ki Khanga™: Creating Your Sword and Soul Roleplaying Game Characters, Part 3

In the last two posts, we have worked on our Ki Khanga™ Characters. In this post, we complete our characters.
Milton Davis and I have decided to do a contest in celebration of Ki Khanga’s release in 2015: send in your completed character with their back-story. The top five characters will be included among the Ki Khanga [...]

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Journey to Ki Khanga™: Creating Your Sword and Soul Roleplaying Game Characters, Part 2

In our last post, Milton (actually my evil twin)  was busy creating his character, Kofi, a veteran Constable in the merchant riverine city of Sati Baa.
Using the 150 points of Aṣe allotted to him, Milton built Kofi’s Abilities and Calculated Abilities and now has 46 points of Aṣe left to finish building his character.
Milton dunks his [...]

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Journey to Ki Khanga™: Creating Your Sword and Soul Roleplaying Game Characters, Part 1

For the past two years, author and publisher, Milton Davis (me!) and author and filmmaker, Balogun Ojetade have worked diligently at the creation of Ki Khanga™, the Sword and Soul tabletop roleplaying game.
What is a tabletop roleplaying game, you ask?
A roleplaying – or role-playing – game, also called an RPG, is a game in which players assume [...]

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Wagadu Interview: Kiro’o Games

By now you know the purpose and focus of my writing is to develop stories based on African and African American culture, history and traditions. So imagine my excitement when I came across Kiro’o Games, a company based in Cameroon with the same focus. A few weeks ago I reached out the Kiro Games and [...]

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It’s Been A Long Time Coming…

This week has been a proud moment for me. I have the privilege and the honor to release the first book of a new epic fantasy series by Sword and Soul creator and Sword and Sorcery Grandmaster Charles R. Saunders, Abengoni, First Calling. The path to this moment is a story of extraordinary circumstances [...]

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