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Before the Safari: The Changa’s Safari prequel

Like most writers I usually develop a detailed background about my characters before I embark on writing my novels. I’m not an outline type of person, so I usually put such information in vignettes and short passages that I scribble in my journal or carry around in my head. Although the character development of my […]

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Speculative Fiction and the Invisible Black Man

When I began writing black speculative fiction ten years ago one of the main reasons I did so was to represent myself in fantastic fiction. I wanted to see black men and women as heroes in fantastic settings, slaying creatures, fighting epic battles and saving the day. I envisioned us beyond the stereotype of sidekicks, […]

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Another Calling: Charles Saunders speaks on his new epic fantasy

ANOTHER CALLING Generally speaking, there are two major types of fantasy fiction: heroic and epic. Heroic fantasy – also known as “sword and sorcery” – focuses on the exploits of a single, larger-than-life character. The literary archetype for heroic fantasy is Conan the Barbarian, created back in the 1930s by the late Robert E. Howard. […]

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Timneet: A Ki Khanga Story

Timneet By Milton Davis The white haze enveloping Shaigu seeped into his nostrils and cleansed his mind. He lounged in Paradise again, surrounded by swaying date trees and grinning servants carrying silver platters filled with foods of every delicious description. Below the dais dancers cavorted; voluptuous women whose dress, movement, and manner hinted the pleasures […]

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Impundulu: Part Two

Changa met his crews on the dock the next morning. The mabaharia went about their normal maintenance duties, with Yusef yelling at them every step of the way. “Yusef!” Changa called out. “Gather the men.” Yusef waved then hurried about as fast as his large bulk would allow. Moments later the men stood before Changa, […]

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Impundulu: A Before the Safari Adventure – Part One

Mombasa slumbered under a sliver of a moon, the eastern monsoons blowing a warm wind across the waters. The beaches were empty save the dhows, the baharia that sailed them daily either gone to their homes in the stone town or country town. The stone warehouses bordering the beach landings were empty as well, all […]

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The City Anthology by DK Gaston

In the past several days various authors have written about their individual involvements in the creation of The City anthology. What I like to do is showcase some of the posts the authors had contributed in the creation of The City as they were brainstorming ideas for his/her characters and narratives. (Some of the content […]

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Welcome to The City by Howard Night

Welcome to… The CITY September 22, 2015 Howard Night  Somewhere in this universe exists The City. It’s sprawling, cavernous, mazelike… a riot of bio-organic steel superstructure, plasticrete roadways, neon lights and digital…virtual madness. Its streets are filled with throngs of tricked out urban adventurers, mutated, cybernetic bullies and scheming would be emperors all in a […]

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Heroika I: Dragon Eaters is finger lickin’ good!

A little over a year ago I was contacted by Janet Morris, grand dame of heroic fantasy fiction, to participate in an anthology she was putting together. I usually don’t contribute to other anthologies because 1). I contribute to my own anthologies and, 2). I’ve been very lazy about submitting stories to publications since I […]

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The Full Circle: Part Eight (Nandi of the nKu)

Nandi soared from the interior, quickly reaching the jagged mountains that formed the islands steep perimeter. To her relief the beaches and docks were clear of ships, which meant there was still time. Her relief was quickly tempered by the sight before her only a few miles from the shore. A massive fleet sailed toward […]

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