Up and Running Again

Well, I’m back. After a vacation, a serious and expensive computer setback and a special birthday I’m back on the boards. I learned three lessons from my experiences; vacations are essential, backing up your hard drive is essential, and fifty isn’t as bad as I thought it would be (so far). While vacation and birthday were both positive events, the hard drive debacle set me back on my projects. Now that it’s been handled it’s time to get back on the ball. What’s on the agenda? I’m glad you asked.

Changa’s Safari is being edited as we speak. My online friend Lyn Perry (http://www.resaliens.com/) offered his services and I quickly accepted. Lyn publishes a great speculative fiction magazine which I read and enjoy so taking him up on his offer was a no-brainer. Although I’ll miss my Onyx Con deadline I estimate Changa will be ready to set sail by September.

On the Meji front the second edition of Meji Book One is complete. The new cover was designed to complement Book Two and I’ve fished out the obvious editing errors from the original manuscript. Both books will also be available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble on-line by the end of August. Those of you who have waited for this no longer have an excuse. For the folks who have read Meji, please visit both sites and post up a review. It will be greatly appreciated.

Griots, a Sword and Soul Anthology, is moving along well. Charles Saunders (http://www.charlessaunderswriter.com/) and I have selected the stories and I’m working on the interior artwork  submissions. Cover art will be created by Natiq (http://www.artofnatiq.com/). I came across his work on Black Science Fiction Society (http://www.blacksciencefictionsociety.com/) and immediately recruited him for the project. We have a broad spectrum of stories and writers, from novice to experienced. Each writer brings his or her own flavor to the genre. This book will definitely crank up the excitement. Griots should be available January 2011.

Look out for some major changes on my website as well. I’m making changes to accommodate additional titles and to focus more on MVmedia and our future projects. In addition we now have Wagadu the Ning site ( http://wagadu.ning.com/) and Wagadu the Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Wagadu-The-Home-of-Sword-and-Soul/118615671483466?ref=ts) two social sites for us to hang out and take Sword and Soul.  As we build we’ll offer specials for members of both site. What’s the use of being in the club if there’s no perks?

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for book reviews, more favorites and other stuff.

Technical difficulties and other stuff

So I come back from vacation about a month ago and kill my computer. I didn’t do on purpose, it just happened. A simple procedure that I’ve done countless times might have caused the situation from which I suffer. I’ll spare you the grisly details but to make a long story short all my projects are on hold until my computer is back up and running.  This means that there won’t be new stories for July. There will be a MetroForce update.

This set back will also delay the release of Changa’s Safari. I was hoping for an August release at Onyx Con (www.onyxcon.com) but I won’t be ready. We’re probably talking September, October at the latest. If that’s the case I may wait unitl November to catch the holiday season rush. We’ll see.

Griots, the Sword and Soul anthology, is coming along nicely. We have the stories and have selected which ones will appear. I’m making a formal announcement next week and then the real fun begins. We have a wide range of stories and authors, so I think it will be a great read. The artwork will be fantastic as well. Griots will also be my first book available as an ebook. I think this anthology will be another brick in the foundation of Sword and Soul.

That’s it for now. I’m posting a few book reviews and excerpts once things are up and running again. Stay tuned.