Genesis: The Black Science Fiction Society Anthology

Two years ago a few of us were knocking around on the on the Black Science Fiction Society site and an idea emerged; let’s do an anthology! Guidelines were drawn, stories submitted and artwork was selected. Now at long last the product of our efforts is available to everyone.

Genesis is a collection of excellent stories from the members of the Black Science Fiction society. The stories cover  science fiction, fantasy, sword and soul, urban fiction and mythology. They are presented in every format, including scripts. The writers (myself included) range from mainstream published to independent and t first time published writers.  It’s an excellent collection, surprisingly so not because of the quality of the writing but because no story submitted was rejected.  We wanted to take away the pressure of judgement and make a book that reflected the spirit of the site, a spirit of camaraderie, friendship, opportunity and support. The result is a collection of stories we all can be proud of.

But don’t take my word for it. Visit the Genesis group at BSFS ( and check out the excerpts from each story.  If you like what you see buy a copy.  Your money will be well spent and you’ll help perpetuate a site that is becoming an important place for the enjoyment, nurturing and growth of black speculative fiction.

Old News and New News

It’s been a bit and I know I promised to blog more but it’s been busy. Onyx Con and Alien Encounters did very well. I gave a short seminar on writing at Onyx Con which was well received and I was moderator for the Black Science Fiction Society Anthology program for Alien Encounters. With each event I find more people surprised and excited that Black speculative fiction is active and growing. It’s a good feeling to be among people interested in what you do. It gives you energy to draw from on those days when you’re asking yourself what were you thinking.

Changa’s Safari is almost complete. I’m working on a short glossary and other incidentals. In addition to the wonderful cover and interior art by Winston Blakely I now have three beautiful maps illustrated by Jason Zampol ( Changa’s Safari should be available by the end of October if all goes well. Preorders will be available mid-month. I’m really excited about Changa. Meji seems to have established a good foundation, increasing the interest for my new book. I just hope Changa’s Safari is  as well received.

Griots: A sword and Soul Anthology is moving along as well. All the stories have been selected and I’m currently working on the illustrations. We have three interior pieces in house so far and two more under commision. Natiq Jalil (  has been commissioned for the cover art and he’s working diligently to produce something grand. It helps that’s he’s a Charles Saunders fan.  I was originally planning a December release but I’m pushing it back to early 2011. This is another title that’s getting a huge amount of interest because of the authors involved and the uniqueness of the subject matter. This will be the first Sword and Soul anthology ever. It’s a serious move to expand the genre beyond yours truly and Charles R. Saunders. Griots II is already in the planning stage so we’re banking on the success of Griots.

That’s all for now. I’ll be back next month with more news, book reviews and fan stuff.