Rolling Along

Well, we’re very close to the holiday season and the MVmedia train keeps chugging along. My internet sales have dropped somewhat although my local sales are still steady. Locally it depends on how many events I plan but the net is an elusive beast. I finally signed up for distribution through Lightning Source a few months ago and I’ve seen sparse sales. I know it’s all about marketing so I’m working on improving things on that end.

My third book, Changa’s Safari, is waiting in the wings. It’s in the hands of my typesetter/cover designer, so I should get both cover and manuscript next week. I’m excited; Changa’s a different book, more action/adventure and more world ranging. Griots, a Sword and Soul anthology I’m working on with Charles R. Saunders is also coming along fine. We selected the stories and just signed off on the sketch of the cover art. I’m still commissioning and collecting artwork for the interior. I expect to focus on Griots after the first of the year.

And then there’s Amber. I’m re-reading the manuscript so I can pick up where I left off. My wife and close friends have been pushing for this one so I’m going to oblige. When I publish it depends on the fickle fate of finances, but I’m setting end of 2011 as a goal.

So as you can see, it’s busy in here. With hard work and a lot of luck maybe 2011 will be the year my books begin to support themselves. I’ll be back soon with reviews on a few books and some general musing.