Let the Safari Begin!

At long last it’s finally here. My third book, Changa’s Safari, is available at my site, www.mvmediaatl.com, as well as on amazon.com and Barnes and Noble on line. I began announcing it’s release October of last year. The manuscript was done and edited; all that remained was the cover design and typesetting. That’s when the fun began. A series of delays and manuscript modifications pushed things back further and further until finally, the first week of January, I had everything in my hands. It works out though. Changa is my first release for 2011, a good way to start a new year.

I think Changa is a different book from Meji. Where Meji finds it’s strength in it’s rich characters and and detailed cultures, Changa is a headlong action adventure in a more recognizable world. It’s a historical/heroic fantasy saga, finding it’s roots in the 15th century spice trade. But this is what I think. I’ve learned that readers find their own reasons for what’s good or bad about a novel. So I’ll let you decide. Thanks for you patience and support. I hope you enjoy the safari!