In Search of the Sword and Soul Graphic Novel

Sword and Soul Adventures by Kris Mosby

I have a confession to make. I’m not a big comic book fan. Yes, I read comic books growing up as a boy and I have many friends who are comic book readers, collectors, illustrators and writers. I even hope to see my books as comic books one day. But the awful truth is that I don’t read many comic books or graphic novels. Once I made the transitions into reading novels I’ve rarely picked up and read a comic book of any sort. Now I know some of my friends are reading this and saying to themselves, ‘what about the book I gave him? Did he read it or did he smile at me and lie in my face? To every person who ever gave me a comic book I can say that I did read it/them, and I will continue to. But beyond the realm on books produced by my friends I rarely indulge.

And this is probably why. As you know I’m deep into Sword and Soul and as far as I knew up to a few months ago there were no Sword and Soul graphic novels available with the exception of  Sword and Soul Adventures by Kris Mosby.  It’s a great book, by the way, and I would say that even if I hadn’t written the story it was based on. 🙂  The funny thing about it is that this was a spontaneous collaboration, an unplanned project that has turned out much better than some of my organized attempts to produce a graphic novel. In this case it was all about a favor for a favor then evolved into a great book.

It has come to my attention recently that there are a few books making their way to your local shelves. The first to come to mind is the Chronicles of Piye by Richard Gaskin and Chris ‘Crazyhouse’ Miller. From what I can see from the video ( this duo plans to give us an action filled adventure based on African culture and mythology, the essential requirements of Sword and Soul. According to the video The Chronicles of Piye should be available December 2012. I’ll probably see Chris at Onyx Con in August and I’ll confirm.

The Chronicles of Piye

There’s one more book I’d like to mention; Uzan by Kevin Grevouix. Pages of this work-in-progress were posted a few months back but as far as I know the book has not been released. It’s another possible addition to a growing awareness of African based heroic fiction. Kevin is known as the screenplay writer for the first Underworld movie and has other writing successes under his wing.  I hope this book and others see the light of day.

Uzan the Mighty by Kevin Grevioux

So what’s in store for MVmedia? Well, Changa’s Safari is sitting heavy on my mind. The books are becoming popular, and an informal survey at Wagadu ( indicates that such a venture would be well received. My only hesitation is that a graphic novel is a larger financial investment than a novel and I’m not as confident about the market as I am about novels. My plan is to wait until the novel series in complete before embarking on a graphic novel interpretation. Then after that? Who knows. Animation maybe? We’ll see.