Sword and Soul Graphic Novels: An Update

Last year (I think) I blogged about Sword and Soul graphic novels. At the time I knew of one that was available and two potential projects. Well, this year I’m happy announce that serious progress has been made! At the writing of this blog there are three Sword and Soul graphic novel projects available to you and at least one that will hopefully be available soon. So let’s talk about it!

The Blood Seekers by Milton Davis and Kristopher Mosby

The first graphic novel is the complete version of The Blood Seekers by yours truly and Kristopher Mosby. The Blood Seekers is the result of a spontaneous collaboration between Kris and I born from a mutual love and respect of each other’s talents. Kris began sending me illustrations based on my stories and I in turned sent him stories based on his illustrations. In 2011 Kris completed the first half of The Blood Seekers, debuting it at Onyx Con 3. This year Kris completed the second part of the story then combined both into one graphic novel. The result is a visual treat. The Blood Seekers tells the story of Shange, a fallen spirit, and Mijoga, her early lover now a lion companion.  Part one of The Blood Seekers is still available on Indy Planet (http://indyplanet.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=5956)

Part Two will be available soon not only on Indy Planet but at MVmedia as well.

Chronicles of Piye by Chris Miller and Richard Gaskin

The next book, or series of books, on the list in The Chronicles of Piye by Chris Miller and Richard Gaskin. This book was actually on my radar since my first post. Chris and I are internet friends and he informed me then that he was working on this project. I glad to say that he completed it with flying colors. The Chronicles of Piye is a four book set that takes place in ancient Kerma/Nubia. Richard and Chris tell an exciting story with the colors and action to match. I could easily see this animated, probably because Chris is also an animator and it shows in his still art. All four issues of the Chronicles of Piye are available at Chris’s site,http://www.chroniclesofpiye.com/, as well as Amazon and other online book stores.

Dusu by Christopher Garner and Sebastian A. Jones

The third and most recent of the Sword and Soul graphic novels is Dusu by Christopher Garner and Sebastian A. Jones. Dusu is a human abandoned at birth then adopted by a group of elves, creatures of the woodlands like you’ve never seen them. Dusu’s discovery coincides with destiny, a destiny that Christopher and Sebastian plan to reveal in future issues.  The story is a good one, but what makes Dusu stand out in my eyes is the fantastic artwork. Every page is like an oil painting. Like I said in my Amazon review, it’s a if Frazetta decided to make a graphic novel. I’m no ‘stranger’ to Stranger Comics, but this title got me paying closer attention to their work. And to top it off, the first issue is free! So go by Stranger Comics (http://www.strangercomics.com/dusu-1/) and get this one. It’s worth the effort. Dusu is also available on iTunes and Amazon.

So these are my recommendations. There’s one more graphic novel that’s in the works. It’s not available as a book, but you can check out the story at Wagadu.  Entitled Kamau: Quest for the Son, Keville Bowen has created a Carribean/Maori fantasy adventure that will have you waiting for the next page  )http://wagadu.ning.com/photo/album/show?id=5480338%3AAlbum%3A41393&xg_source=activity). I don’t know about you, but to me the future of Sword and Soul graphic novels is looking very bright. Somebody hand me my shades.