Sword and Soul at DragonCon 2013

DragonCon Logo

I have to be honest. If it weren’t for the fact that I’m a speculative fiction writer I probably would never had attended DragonCon. I’ve lived in Atlanta for 30 years, so I was here when the Southeast’s largest genre convention began, but I had no interest in attending. But the day I decided to become a speculative fiction writer I put DragonCon on my to do list. Someday, I’d have a table at DragonCon. It wasn’t a dream, just something I had to do from a professional standpoint.

Well, here we are five years later and I still haven’t had a table. But I did do a panel last year, The State of Black Science Fiction panel to be exact. I shared a table with my fellow writers, L.M. Davis (no relation), Alan Jones, Wendy Raven McNair and Alicial McCalla. What began as a doubtful turnout transformed into a packed room of enthusiastic black speculative fiction fans. It was a great experience, one that I hoped we’d have a chance to do again.

And we do. This year we’ll be at it again, this time discussing The Current State of Black Science Fiction. In addition to this panel I’m doing a reading, an autograph session and another panel, Folklore in Fantasy. And to top it all off, I’m going as an attending professional! (That means I don’t have to pay to get in!). Great progress after a year.

So if you decide to come to DragonCon 2013 give me a shout out. I should be lurking about annoying folks with handouts and such between events. I might even take a little time to do some fan stuff.  I’ll be looking for you. I hope you’re looking for me.

Oh yeah, if you’re interested in times and places, check out the events section at the lab, http://wagadu.ning.com/. Peace!