Sword and Soul Calibur

Back in the day, I played lots of video games. That was before you had to press all the buttons to play a video game. Of all the games I played the one I enjoyed the most was Soul Calibur. I didn’t discover the game until Soul Calibur 3, but it was such a treat. I think one of the reasons I liked it so much was because I played with my son during his formative years, from single to double digits. The day he was finally able to beat me at it was kind of like a video game rite of passage, the father handing the controller to the son.

Anyway, ever since I began writing Sword and Soul I imagined my characters in Soul Calibur. This was before Zasalamel, the Sword and Soul token. He’s a great character, but it’s like the game creators said, ‘okay, we got our black guy, now let’s move on.’ And don’t even think about sisters being represented. That is a situation that rarely ever occurs. So in honor of Sword and Soul, I present to you Sword and Soul Calibur!

My first choice for Sword and Soul Calibur is Imaro. He would be the man to beat, the Sword and Soul version of Mitsurugi. Being the first Sword and Soul hero, he and his creator, Charles R. Saunders, deserve top billing.  I have no idea what his array of weapons would be, but I’m sure he’d be the top dog.

My next selection would Doussoye. Another Charles Saunders creation, Dossouye deserves first billing because like Imaro, she is the first Sword and Soul woman. Charles has a way with firsts, and he does it well. I’d have to find a way to work Gbo, her war bull into the game. That would be extra cool!

Ndoro by Mshindo Kumba I

My next choices are selfish, because  they’re mine. :-) My first character would be Ndoro. He’s the consummate Sesu warrior and empire builder, prefect for a sword and soul game. Of course his main weapon would be the shield and spear which he would wield with deadly efficiency. I wouldn’t include his twin brother Obaseki. Even though the master of Moyo is a skilled fighter in his own right, Ndoro is the man to beat.

Changa Diop

My next selection? None other than Changa Diop. Now here’s a brother that would present a perfect balance of strength and skill. Add to that his skill with the throwing knife and you have a man hard to beat. His available weapons would be diverse because of his worldly travels, so it would be a surprise what you might face with Changa. In addition there’s Kintu’s Gift, the mysterious celestial power boost that kicks my man to the next level.

Now we can’t let Dossouye represent the ladies all by herself, can we? So here comes Sadatina, the young Shosa warrior with her companions, Nokofa and Pausa. You dont’ know of her? Well, you will in the upcoming novel, Woman of the Woods. Sadatina is skilled with sword, bow, lance and the muder, a big piece of curved iron with an edge. It’s kind of a throwing knife that’s big enough to wield with both hands. And then there’s Judgment, the demon slayer. With all that and two lions, she’s not the person you’d want to meet.

You see where I’m going with this. Over the past five years there have been enough Sword and Soul characters introduced to easily fill a pantheon of competitors. And what would the storyline be? Something actually based on Ki-Khanga, if not the actual plot line of Ki-Khanga itself.

So my dream of Sword and Soul Calibur is ready to be realized. What character would you choose to round out the list. Be careful! Your wish might just come true.

4 Comments to “Sword and Soul Calibur”

  1. By Fujimoto, April 17, 2013 @ 6:26 am

    I know I would play Sword and Soul Calibur if it ever came out. Unfortunately, there is very little regard toward blacks in Japanese media, particularly black women (the only black woman I can recall on Japanese television recently was one who wordlessly rolls out a rack of clothing on one of Arashi’s variety shows). A big part of this stems from the lack of blacks in mainstream fantasy being translated into Japanese, so that’s just another reason for more sword and soul!

    • By Milton, April 28, 2013 @ 3:15 pm

      I agree, Fujimoto. That’s why we have to create it.

  2. By Taranaich, March 31, 2013 @ 4:23 pm

    I have a confession to make: I play Soul Calibur! Soul Calibur V, to be precise, though I’ve been playing since the days of Soul Blade, but ever since III you could actually create your own characters. True, they used the same moveset as the official fighters, but there’s enough variety for some really cool creations. And I have indeed made a Sword-and-Sorcery save, which includes Imaro, Dossouye, and Pomphis, as well as Howard’s N’Longa.

    • By Milton, March 31, 2013 @ 4:53 pm

      That’s cool, Taranaich. Another friend who plays told me about the create your own character. But with what I’ve learned over the years about indigenous African martial arts I would love to see characters like Imaro, Doussouye, Ndoro and Changa introduced with their own weapons and fighting styles. It might breath new life in an already great game.