Sword and Soul Primer: Part Two

We continue the Sword and Soul primer with another Charles Saunders character: Dossouye. Just as Charles broke new ground with the creation of Imaro, he lead the field once again with the creation of the first black femalekpendu Sword and Soul Character; Dossouye. Dossoye was created by Charles when he was approached to submit a story for Amazons! anthology edited by Jessica Amanda Salmonson. He also penned a Dossouye story for Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Sword and Sorceress anthology. My first encounter with Dossouye, and my first exposure to Charles’s excellent writing, was in the Dark Matter anthology editing by Sheree Thomas. Sheree reprinted the story ‘Gimmile’s Songs.

Dossouye herself is a woman warrior inspired by the real-life female warriors of the West African Kingdom of Dahomey. Orphaned at a young age, Dossouye becomes a soldier in the women’s army of the kingdom of Abomey. In a war against the rival kingdom of Abanti, Dossouye saves her people from certain destruction; but a cruel twist of fate compels her to go into exile. Mounted on her might war-bull, Gbo, Dossouye enters the vast rainforest beyond the borders of her homeland, seeking a place to call her own. The forest is where Dossouye will either find a new purpose in life… or find her life cut short by the many menaces she encounters.

Charles has published two Dossouye novels. The first, published is 2008,  is a collection of Dossouye stories. The second book, Dancers of Mulukau, is a complete novel and brand new Dossouye adventure. Charles also wrote a new Dossouye short story, Kpendu, which appears in the Griots: Sisters of the Spear anthology which he and I co-edited. As in Imaro, Charles uses a world based on Africa. As a matter of fact, Dossouye’s world in Nyumbani as well, but in another era distant from the time of Imaro.

You can purchase the Dossouye novels here:


Dossouye: The Dancers of Mulukau






Next up; Sword and Soul writer and my partner in crime, Balogun Ojetade. And don’t forget to check out the Ki Khanga Kickstarter: The Ki Khanga RPG Kickstarter.

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