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Table of Contents

Here it is! The Cyberfunk Table of Contents! This anthology promises to be a wild ride. Preorder your book today!

A Sunken Memory  by Donovan Hall
Once Upon A Time In Virtuopolis by Ronald T. Jones
Unlimited Data by Eugen Bacon
Flesh of My Flesh by John Jennings
Comfort by Kyoko M
Lailai by Balogun Ojetade
Mama Africa  by Jarla Tangh
Somatosensory Cortex Dog Mess You Up 
You Sick Sack of S**t by Minister Faust
A Bird in the Hand by Gerald Coleman
Something for the Silent by Zig Zag Clabourne
The Daisy Chain by Hannibal Tabu
Talismaner by K. Ceres Wright
The Siege at Illinmorrow by Napoleon Wells
The Walker’s Alchemist by T.C. Morgan
Whosonever by Carole McDonnell 
Twisted Analog by Ashleigh Davenport 
Tony V  by Violette L. Meier
Playing The Odds by  Milton J. Davis
Hatched: A Cybil Lewis Story by Nicole Givens Kurtz


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