Anthology Guidelines

Welcome! If you are reading this, you have decided to step into the world of Cyberfunk. What is Cyberfunk? It is a vision of the future with an Afrocentric flavor. It is the Singularity without the Eurocentric foundation. It is Bladerunner with sunlight, Neuromancer with melanin, cybernetics with rhythm.

The word ‘punk’ when used in literary circles signifies a rebellion against conventional concepts and conventions. For us, funk serves a similar purpose. It indicates the infusion of African/African Diaspora inclusion into the storytelling, bringing to the forefront our characters and our unique concepts. The word funk also expands the interpretation. Funk is not only doom and gloom, it is light and joy, and it envisions a future of inclusion and equality.

1). What we are seeking.

                We are looking for stories where the main characters are people of African/African Diaspora descent. We want stories from throughout the Diaspora, with an emphasis on local locations, customs, cultures and traditions. Stories that follow the traditional ‘cyberpunk format will be considered, but we are particularly interested in stories that push the boundaries. No Bladerunner knock offs, please.

2). Guidelines

                a. Story length – 1000 to 5000 words

                b. Format

                    Font: Times New Roman, 12, Double spaced.

                    Pages must be numbered with authors name and story title   on each                       page.

                     Word format preferred.

                     Stories can be submitted electronically.

                     Any stories received not meeting the format will be returned.

                     No cover page required.

                     Submit stories to:

                     One submission per author, please.

                c. Payment

                    Authors of stories selected will be paid $0.01 per word and receive                      two complementary copies of Cyberfunk. Authors will be allowed to                      purchase additional copies of at the discount rate of 45% off list                            price.

                d. Submission Deadline

                                July 31, 2020.

                e. Anticipated Release Date:

                                October 1, 2020.


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