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Eda Blessed


The bad man of sword and soul has arrived, damn it to the Cleave! Eda Blessed is a collection of stories all about Ki Khanga’s resident rogue, Omari Ket, a feared and unusually lucky Mikijen Mercenary, favored by Eda. Omari Ket is the anti-hero you love to hate… and love, oddly enough. Open THIS book and you are in for a wild ride. A ride you’ll enjoy every second of!
-Balogun Ojetade, Master Griot of Ki Khanga: The Sword and Soul Role Playing Game

Eda’s Blessed is the perfect storm where setting, tone, character, and story all snap into place, creating something special.
-Steve Rosenstein and Rodney Turner, Microphones of Madness

Milton Davis brings us an exciting character who is clearly a rogue, a thief and an all around womanizing scoundrel. His one flaw is that he somehow manages to do the right thing at the right time. Eda Blessed is a fun, fast paced ride, helmed by a hero...or antihero...who leads us on a journey into the quirkier side of Sword and Soul. Enjoy the ride! It’s worth it!
-Ronald Jones, Author of Warrior of the Four Worlds and Kitombo.

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