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Afropuffs Are The Antennae of the Universe

From the amazing mind of Zig Zag Clabourne comes another mind-bending science fiction funky ride!


No one has time for your BS...but Captain Desiree Quicho and crew of utter badasses surely don't. Got a universe to save. Again. Commandeer one piece of out-of-this-world tech and suddenly you have an evil billionaire and a corporate queenpin on your ass, factions scrabbling at the power grab to end all power grabs, and an ultimate AI bent on a rampage of healing.

All a captain wanted was a little chill time, a few tunes, and quality barbecue.

Woe to those blocking her groove.

Four women; One machine goddess; a Hellbilly, Saharan elves, the baddest Pacific Octopus this side of Atlantis and Humanity's balance tilting toward an unknown future.

Afropuffs Are The Antennae of the Universe

$16.95 Regular Price
$13.56Sale Price
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