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Changa's Safari Book/Comic Special

The Safari begins! Get the first book of the Changa's Safari series and the comic book Changa and The Jade Obelisk at a special price. An exciting Sword and Soul duo available at a special price! 

Changa's Safari

From the Swahili cities of the East African Coast to the magnificent Middle Kingdom of Asia, Changa and his crew experience adventures beyond the imagination. Changa will not rest until he has fulfilled his promise to his family and his people. The anchors are raised and the sails unfurled. Let the safari begin!

Changa and The Jade Obelisk #1

On their way to establish a new trading opportunity, Changa and his crew rescue a Yemeni prince carrying a valuable object from mysterious pursuers. The adventure leads to a world changing confrontation with a powerful sorcerer bent on using the object to change the world. Book one of the comic adaptation of Changa's Safari. 2021 Glyph Awards for Best Story.

Changa's Safari Book/Comic Special

$22.94 Regular Price
$18.35Sale Price
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