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Meji Special Edition EPUB

Twins born to a society that believes such a birth is a dangerous omen, Ndoro and Obaseki are separated at birth to live different lives. One becomes a great warrior who is ostracized because of his birth, the other a pampered prince whose strange way result in banishment. Meji is an epic fantasy story like no other, a tale steeped in African culture and traditions told by unforgettable characters.

Meji: Special Edition presents this amazing epic sword and soul fantasy in its original format. This special edition includes amazing cover art by Mshindo Kuumba and interior illustrations by Chris Miller and Stanely Weaver, Jr. Experience Urhuru as it was meant to be, a single exciting tome of African-based fantasy.

Meji Special Edition EPUB

$4.99 Regular Price
$3.99Sale Price
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