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Sisters of the Spear: Warrior Women Combo!

Two amazing Sword and Soul books of woman warriors inspired by the Mino of Dahomey!


Woman of the Woods tells the story of Sadatina, a girl on the brink of becoming a woman living with her family in Adamusola, the land beyond the Old Men Mountains. But tragic events transpire that change her life forever, revealing a hidden past that leads her into the midst of a war between her people and those that would see them destroyed, the Mosele. 


A new world of wonders and adventures await you in Sorghum and Spear: The Way of Silk and Stone,  a highly original anthology of bold tales inspired by Dedren Snead' s remarkable Sorghum & Spear. Here, celebrated and emerging writers take you on a journey of the imagination, one filled with imperfect heroines reaching for new horizons, dark, distant forces breaking through the veil of time, and those seeking love, sisterhood, and community.

Sisters of the Spear: Warrior Women Combo!

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