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The Bene's Daughter

Omolewa lived a peaceful life in the Kiswala city of Nacala with her adopted family, giving little thought of her origins or the family she never knew. But one day a mysterious ship from Zimbabwa arrives and changes her life forever. Omolewa discovers not only that she is the long lost daughter of the rulers of Zimbabwa, she also possesses abilities that could change the fortunes of her family and the destiny of Ki Khanga. The Bene's Daughter is an exciting tale of action, discovery and revelation that will keep you riveted from beginning to end.

The Bene's Daughter

$17.95 Regular Price
$14.36Sale Price
  • “I am not a thief. I am not a thief.”  Omolewa repeated the words as she waited in the dark alley between compounds, her eyes focused on the harbor across the walkway. A massive dhow rested among its smaller merchant brethren, a beauty of a vessel with clean white sails and a towering crow’s nest that peered down on the humble harbor. Why it had come to their modest Kiswala mooring of Nacala rather than the much larger harbor of Baseemah was a mystery. Omolewa did not dwell on the reasons; she only cursed the consequences. She waited for a man that carried the key to her family’s freedom, a simple scroll that once in the hands of those who held them hostage would end her family’s terror and bring her life back to normal. At least she hoped it would.

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