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Eleven Questions with Terminus Author Azziza Sphinx

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Azziza Sphinx, Author of Play the Wraith

1). How did your writing journey begin?

Well let’s see. The long-winded voices started August 1999 after reading the last available Laurell K Hamiliton Anita Blake book. Unsure of what to do next, my arrogant obnoxious self-centered egotistical eldest Vampire decided I needed to tell a story. Twenty years later, here I am.

2). Who are your writing inspirations?

I think this varies. Any and everything inspires me, not just other storytellers. Right now I am still into Kelley Armstrong and Darynda Jones but I’ve had a stint or two with Shirley Hailstock, L.A. Banks, and Lynsay Sands.

3). Are you an outliner or a panster?

I’m am but the scribe, neither planner, plantser, or writer. I am forced to bow to the whims of the voices in my head. They tell their stories in whatever form they choose to reveal them.

4). What are your favorite books? Gasp…shuttering at the thought…I cannot answer that for there is no such thing as a “favorite” book.

5). Describe your writing process. I am aware my characters like to talk in the fall. This is our favorite time of year. They speak when they want to be heard and I obey whether 3AM or high noon. When they repeat the same line over and over, I know I must do as I am told so whatever medium is before me becomes the tangible form in which the words are transcribed.

6). What inspired you to write Play the Wraith?

Interesting enough, the beginning of that story came to me in a dream. It was bright and vivid, and I knew it was meant to be more than just a dream.

7). Tell us a bit about your story.

My lone female Wraith (for now) is doing what she does best, hunting down a rogue Reaper responsible for steal time from others. She crosses paths with someone who isn’t who she believes him to be but he aids in her search sending her to find clues to track down her target and send him back where he belongs to atone for his crimes.

8). How do you feel about Atlanta being a Black Speculative Fiction hub?

I’m a native so I’ve seen these things all my life. I do find it interesting to see other’s reactions to what truths for me have always been. The history lends itself to so many powerful aspects and the birthing of a Black Speculative Fiction hub falls in line with what I’ve seen as the heart of the truth of this place.

9). Will there be more stories about this character?

As long as they deem fit, then yes. The Wraiths have a job to do and as long as rogue Reapers run astray, and Death hasn’t faced his greatest adversary then there will always be more work to do.

10). How do we keep up with all things Aziza?

For those who don’t mind playing in the dark, Visit me on my website at

Social Media

Twitter: @AzizaSphinx

And as a little secret, if you want to see me in the light, you can always drop through and visit my alter ego Ana’Gia Wright at

11). What advice would you give to new writers?

First and foremost, know why you are doing what you are doing. This will set the tone. If you are writing for commercial markets, and as a business of an author, you must be prepared to churn out high volumes quickly. If you are writing to be a writer and a writer only then you know and understand the purpose of the words you put on the page and be okay with being just that, a writer and a writer alone.

Read Azziza Sphinx's story Play The Wraith in the Terminus Anthology. Visit our State of Black Science Fiction booth at the Decatur Book Festival Labor Day weekend for a signed copy.

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