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MVmedia Comic Special

Enjoy MVmedia comics and graphic novels at a special price. 

Changa and The Jade Obelisk #1

Based on the epic Sword and Soul series by Milton J. Davis. Changa and his crew stumble upon a prince in possession of a powerful talisman and become part of the effort to keep it away from an ambitious demi-god. (

Ngolo Diaspora #1

In a world where assassinations are legal, The Bloodmen Guild is the best. But many have decided that they are too powerful, and are hell bent on destroying them. There will be no mercy…and nowhere to run!

The Blood Seekers

Based on the story 'The Blood Eaters' by Milton Davis. Shange' and Mijoga find themselves aiding a desperate village whose inhabitants are disappearing during the night. What they find takes them deep into the bowels of the earth to confront an ancient and bloodthirsty evil. (Contains nudity)

MVmedia Comic Special

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