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Eleven Questions with Terminus Author Alan D. Jones

Alan D. Jones, author of Blerd and Confused

1). How did your writing journey begin?

I would say as a staff writer for The Technique, the GA Tech student newspaper. But actually, it started way before then, when as a child I would make up stories for my brothers, for us to play out after school.

2). Who are your writing inspirations?

Walter Mosley, Octavia Spencer, J California Cooper, (early) Sue Grafton, Alice Walker, John LaCarre, Toni Morrison.

3). Are you an outliner or a panster?

An outliner when it comes to novels, but short stories go where they are.

4). What are your favorite books?

The Life of PI, The Known World, She’s Come Undone, The Alchemist, The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency

5). Describe your writing process.

Find a Beach, write. If not near a beach, plug in tunes, write.

6). What inspired you to write?

Comic Books and Sci-Fi movies

7). Tell us a bit about your story.

I’m currently writing a series of short stories under the larger title of “Blerd and Confused” At its core, it’s about a collective of black nerds who met online and decided to lean in and actively make their world better. But of course, the universe demands that there be a cost for everything. The book is about their acts, but it’s also about their penance.

8). How do you feel about Atlanta being a Black Speculative Fiction hub?

It’s awesome…!!! We have Content (said by the voice actor for the Arby’s commercials)

9). Will there be more stories about this character?


10). How do we keep up with all things (Alan D Jones)?

11). What advice would you give to new writers?

Write, write, write. You must always trust the magic will always appear in the editing.

Read Alan D. Jones's story Blerd and Confused in Terminus. Visit our State of Black Science Fiction booth at the Decatur Book Festival Labor Day weekend for a signed copy.

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