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MVmedia 2021 Summer Reading List

It's summer, a time when people around the country pack their belongings and hit the road for the skies to take much needed vacations. This summer is especially significant. We're tentatively emerging from COVID-19 quarantine and ready to spend time on the beach, in the mountains or wherever you find rest and relaxation. Whether you decide to travel this year or play it safe, what's a vacation without a good book to read? We'd like to suggest a few of our titles to pack in your suitcase or download to your phone or e-reader.

Dr. Marvellus Djinn's Odd Scholars

The year: 1920

When famed magician, Dr. Marvellus Djinn, selects a motley crew of talented teens to tour her theme park of magic and mythological creatures, all are elated for the opportunity.

Once they arrive, the odd scholars realize Dr. Djinn is more than just a wealthy magician eager to provide Colored folks with an escape from Jim Crow. From cotton candy teleportation to haunted obelisks and swallowing monsters, The Motherland packs a thrilling, and dangerous, punch.

This is a great book for middle schoolers as well as adults.


What is Cyberfunk? It is a vision of the future with an Afrocentric flavor. It is the Singularity without the Eurocentric foundation. It is Bladerunner with sunlight, Neuromancer with melanin, cybernetics with rhythm.

Nineteen authors share their interpretation of Cyberfunk, including Balogun Ojetade, Eugen Bacon, John Jennings, Nicole Givens-Kurtz, Ronald Jones, Carole McDonnell, Minister Faust and many more. If you crave stories of cybernetics, the Singularity with Black people at the center, Cyberfunk is for you.

Eda Blessed II

Omari Ket's adventures continue in Eda Blessed II. A collection of ten new tales span Omari's indentured service with the Mikijen to his journeys as a freelance mercenary. Omari fights, lies and runs his way across Ki Khanga, guided by an unknown destiny and protected by Eda.

Pick up Eda Blessed and you're in for a few hours of adventurous reading. This one is recommended for the mature reader. Available June 19, 2021.

Amber and The Enchanted Sword

Another book for the middle schoolers. Amber's adventures continue with this second novel. Clifton Academy is everything Amber thought it would be... and worse. In addition to trying to fit in at a new school, she struggles to master her newfound talents. One day she is contacted by Grandma Alake and is told she must once again defend Marai from the sorcerer Bagule and his companion, Nieleni. The nefarious duo is in search of Sonni Ali’s sword, a talisman so powerful possessing could mean the end of the ancient and secret city. Can Amber and her friends find the sword before Bagule and save Marai once more?

If you or your young one hasn't read Amber and The Hidden City, you can purchase The Amber combo at a special discount.

The Royal Heretic

The Royal Heretic is an Sword and Soul epic fantasy guaranteed to have you turning pages expectantly. Bakari is the netkoleh, ruler of the Ega empire and the living embodiment of the gods. When his eldest son and heir falls ill and dies, Bakari drowns in despair. He decides that the gods are nonexistent and bans the empire's religion. He expects the people to rejoice at being "liberated" but talk of rebellion soon begins instead. The bonds of family and fealty will be tested. The strength of nations' faith will be strained. And the fate of the entire empire will rest in the hands of a few.

Sarah Macklin's debut novel is well worth reading and will leave you eagerly anticipating its sequel.

For these titles and more, check out our website today.

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