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What is Cyberfunk? It is a vision of the future with an Afrocentric flavor. It is the Singularity without the Eurocentric foundation. It's Bladerunner with sunlight, Neuromancer with melanin, cybernetics with rhythm.
Nineteen amazing Black Speculative Fiction authors have come together to share their visions on the pages of this book. Prepare to be mesmerized by their stories.

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Carlos Meji, corporate cyborg, and Michelle Carter, expert hacker, race against time to discover the secret behind the forces looking to repossess Carlos's cybernetic parts. The answers threaten to change their world as they know it!

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The City anthology is a unique creation. It's a concept anthology, a collection of stories where eighteen different authors share their vision of a single idea. It's Cyberfunk stories that play with future concepts from an African/African American perspective. Most of all it's engaging, exciting, thought provoking and fun. .

Dieselfunk! Available Now!

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Finally available in paperback! Take an amazing ride with nine authors as they add a funky twist to the Dieselpunk genre. The Dieselfunk! anthology fills a void common in most speculative fiction genres, providing a much needed voice from an African/African Diaspora perspective. Dieselpunk just got funky!