The Summer of Sword and Soul!

A love story. An ordinary girl and a tribal prince fall in love. Loving her costs him everything. Loving him earns her a vengeful nemesis.
An adventure story. Witches, magic, secrets, dangerous things to come. He’s taken to the edge of the world. Grappling an unwanted gift, she follows.
A transformation story. All she wants is to be an ordinary woman, but she may have to become something more.

Bakari is the netkoleh, ruler of the Ega empire and the living embodiment of the gods. When his eldest son and heir falls ill and dies, Bakari drowns in despair. He decides that the gods are nonexistent and bans the empire's religion. He expects the people to rejoice at being "liberated" but talk of rebellion soon begins instead.
The bonds of family and fealty will be tested. The strength of nations' faith will be strained. And the fate of the entire empire will rest in the hands of a few.

On their way to establish a new trading opportunity, Changa and his crew rescue a Yemeni prince carrying a valuable object from mysteriouis pursuers. The adventure leads to a world changing confrontation with a powerful sorcerer bent on using the object to change the world. Book one of the comic adaptation of Changa's Safari. 

The Changa and the Jade Obelisk #1 Deluxe Edition contains all the Kickstarter perks; Origin stories, and the special edition cover art by Jason Reeves, Caanan White and Wayne Parker!


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