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Languages of Water is a rare but intimate fusion of East, West and Africa, a stunning artefact of writerly immersion and cultural exchange. This child of digital collaboration brings together writers, illustrators and translators of poetry, fiction and essays, and refuses to be contained.
A bold and exceptional offering edited by World Fantasy Award finalist and award-winning author Eugen Bacon—an Otherwise Fellowships honoree for ‘doing exciting work in gender and speculative fiction’.

‘I was knocked out by Languages of Water . . . This cross-lingual hybrid anthology is like nothing I’ve read!’
-Linda Addison,  Science Fiction Poetry Association Grand Master of Fantastic Poetry, Horror Writer’s Association Lifetime Achievement Award. 

"Languages of Water was born out of an experiment to explore how a particular story, and the conversations around it, can inspire other stories in different contexts... it's a curious document that illustrates how speculative fiction in general and the burgeoning field of cli-fi in particular can unite writers across borders to inspire open conversation, collaboration, and community – the same vital tools we need to fight the ongoing climate crisis." —LOCUS REVIEW



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