A love story. An ordinary girl and a tribal prince fall in love. Loving her costs him everything. Loving him earns her a vengeful nemesis.
An adventure story. Witches, magic, secrets, dangerous things to come. He’s taken to the edge of the world. Grappling an unwanted gift, she follows.
A transformation story. All she wants is to be an ordinary woman, but she may have to become something more.

Embark on an African fantasy adventure, rich with culture and legends which seem to extend beyond the boundaries of the book. Nasomi's Quest is at its heart a story of love, revenge, danger and magic. The title character is a down-to-earth woman who must learn to become more than she believes she is, if she has any hope of overcoming the hardships that come wave after relentless wave. It is also a story of friendship, family, teamwork, and the impact of a good heart on the world. When you join Nasomi on her epic quest across a world of mystery and variety, you'll find it impossible to put down until the very last step.

-Ekari Mbvundula, Creative Director, Story Link Africa

To readers unacquainted with it, Nasomi's Quest is a radical but valuable introduction to black speculative fiction, an adrenaline-spiked adventure into the occult and the power of dreams.

- Eugen Bacon, author of Claiming T-Mo and Writing Speculative Fiction

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