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Gunman's Peace!

One hundred years after the Collapse, violence still rages across the region once known as Georgia. Warlords fight for control with deadly mercenaries known as Gunmen, and Moses Prichard is one of the best. Tired of the constant violence he finds solace within the walls of Newlanta, a city struggling to establish an island of peace amidst the chaos. But now the city is threatened by a powerful warlord Moses once served and he is forced to strap on his guns. This time he’s fighting for his own reasons.

"If you’re like me you have two issues with post apocalyptic storytelling - it’s generally depressing and it lacks a real diversity of characters. Milton Davis’ Gunman’s Peace is the antidote to all that. "

-Gerald L. Coleman, author of From Sky to Earth and Nappy Metaphysic 

Languages of Water
Edited by Eugen Bacon
Languages of Water Cover.png

Languages of Water is a rare but intimate fusion of East, West and Africa, a stunning artefact of writerly immersion and cultural exchange. This child of digital collaboration brings together writers, illustrators and translators of poetry, fiction and essays, and refuses to be contained. 

A bold and exceptional offering edited by World Fantasy Award finalist and award-winning author Eugen Bacon—an Otherwise Fellowships honoree for ‘doing exciting work in gender and speculative fiction’. Featuring works by acclaimed and award-winning authors, essayists, translators, scholars and artists.  

Release Date

September 1, 2023

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