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Sword and Soul Month
Heretic's War!

The exciting sequel to The Royal Heretic is now available for preorder!

War threatens to consume the Egan empire. Emperor Bakari marches his army northward to Wiluru, ready to make the rebelling kingdom come to heel and bring his traitorous second wife back to her proper place. His will, his commands are to be followed without question and Wiluru will burn for their disobedience.

Far to the South, the city-state of Nsongo struggles to choose a new Great Dara before the title is stolen by one of its sister cities with more influence. High Priest Erenemo feels it should be him who ascends to the golden stool and throw out the Egan occupiers. However, his son may be his biggest obstacle. 

Conflict even brews in the capital of Metkara as the emperor’s first wife and his brother the chancellor struggle over who will run the empire is Bakari’s absence. Uprisings are starting up in the western hold of the empire, adding to the chancellor’s already long list of concerns. But an unlikely ally is sent to him who may set him on the path to reforging the Egan hold on its empire. 

In the midst of it all, other forces may be at play, forces of a divine nature that may see opposing paths for the future of this land. There is more at stake in this war than even its players understand.

Heretic’s War picks up where The Royal Heretic left off. It’s a gritty, engrossing, exciting, and entertaining read, with gods, royals, and extraordinary people vying for power in a world in turmoil. There’s no better epic fantasy out there than Sarah Macklin’s Heretic series.’
- Milton J. Davis, author of Changa’s Safari and Black Rose
Praise for The Royal Heretic:
‘Macklin has created a vibrant world with a conflict that is simultaneously deeply personal and epic in scope. Do not miss this one!’
- Rodney Turner, Microphones of Madness
‘Royal Heretic is sword and soul and epic fantasy at its finest.’
-Ronald T. Jones, author of Warriors of the Four Worlds 


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