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Jarla Tangh Answers Eleven Cyberfunk Questions

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

Her Tangh-i-ness, Jarla Tangh, is a Boston area Speculative Fiction/Erotica writer. Her name is a play upon the Turkey City Lexicon term "Jar of Tang" after her Editor faery godmother (the same person who routinely edits Horror Anthologies and autographed a book called Alien Sex) told her Tangh-i-ness that to go around being just Jarla was pretentious. True story.

2. What’s your favorite cyberpunk book/movie/anime?

Power would be the movie. Midnight Robber by Nalo Hopkinson would be the book. Marvel’s Black Panther animated series would be the anime.

3. What do you like most about Cyberpunk?

It’s usually theater for dissent.

4. For you, what’s the difference between Cyberpunk and Cyberfunk?

If Cyberpunk is, to quote Wikipedia, all about the “degree of breakdown or radical change in the social order” with tech and gadgetry: then I’d like to think Cyberfunk is about Blacks, Africans, and Allies thriving with tech and gadgetry.

5. What’s the title of your Cyberfunk story?

Mama Africa

6. Give a brief synopsis.

I wanted to write about an AI that was the opposite of the Hal 9000/Skynet kind of

fixture and circumstances that create criminal acts as a way to correct them.

7. What do you like/hate about your main character?

Mufai chooses to do the right thing even if it might cost him.

8. Are we heading for a Cyberfunk/Cyberpunk future?

Aren’t we there already? Could have fooled me.

9. Would you become a cyborg?

For some bionic eyes to overcome my nearsightedness. You bet!

10. Co1uld you love an A.I.?

If the AI can speak either in a West African/French accent or a Scots brogue I couldn’t resist.

11. How do we keep up with all things Jarla Tangh?

Right now it’s still

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