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T.C. Morgan Answers Eleven Cyberfunk Questions

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

I love cats and books because both endure my presence without complaint, although neither have much time for me. And, oddly enough, I prefer warmer weather, but fair better in colder climates.

2. What’s your favorite cyberpunk book/movie/anime?

Armitage: Dual Matrix was the Anime that introduced me to the world of Cyberpunk. As a child, it was my first dance with the idea of romance, cyberpunk, and oddly enough, empathy colliding. That movie will always have a special and irreplaceable part in my heart.

3. What do you like most about Cyberpunk?

It’s ability to transcend genres. Although cyberpunk is heavily based on tech, there’s no limit to what that tech can do, or what time period it has to exist in. There’s also no limit on the variations that it can take on. In the world of fiction, Cyberpunk truly is a bottomless cup with a deep willingness to be filled to the brim.

4. For you, what’s the difference between Cyberpunk and Cyberfunk?

Although Cyberpunk was my first love, it was a glass wall, not a window. The stories were engaging and vivid, but they were often not open to the idea of people like me existing within them. Cyberfunk is a more inclusive version of the genre that takes into account Black and Brown people don’t just disappear when bionic heroes are conceived.

5. What’s the title of your Cyberfunk story?

The Walker’s Alchemist

6. Give a brief synopsis.

The Walker’s Alchemist takes the science of Alchemy, along with the traditions of tribal burials, and the technology of cybernetics, to create a romantic ‘what-if’ story that will leave the reader questioning whether to be faithful to the body, or the mind...

7. What do you like/hate about your main character?

Allister Layman is man who’s doing his best to be a ‘good-enough’ person. Admittedly, he hasn’t had much in the way of role models on the subject, but he tries. I would suppose that in itself would make him somewhat likeable.

8. Are we heading for a Cyberfunk/Cyberpunk future?

Human-based Cybernetics for the sake of medical benefit is already here, so the blueprint has been definitely laid! I believe we’re a few centuries away from using full on cybernetics for personal or professional gain, strictly because the technology isn’t tightly woven enough yet.

9. Would you become a cyborg?

I would only become a cyborg willingly if there was a synth skin in existence that could cover my mechanical parts. I would not relish the feel of cold metal up against warm flesh in the Winter.

10. Could you love an A.I.?

Yes, in fact, there are days I feel like I’m in a committed relationship with one. Marry me Google, I’ll treat you right!

11. How do we keep with all things T. C Morgan?


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