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Violette Meier Answers Eleven Cyberfunk Questions

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a happily married mother of six (three through birth and three through love) who has been writing since my pre-teen years. I’ve authored twelves books and have also been featured in numerous anthologies. I am a native of Atlanta, Georgia, and I earned my B.A. in English at Clark Atlanta University and a Master of Divinity at the Interdenominational Theological Center. I also hold certifications in digital marketing and herbalism.

I’m a lover of all things supernatural and I love to write, watch, and read paranormal, fantasy, science fantasy, and horror. I’m always working on something new. The book I’m working on currently is called, Oracles, and it should be released by the end of the year.

My books include: The First Chronicle of Zayashariya: Out of Night, Angel Crush, Son of the Rock, Archfiend, Ruah the Immortal, Tales of a Numinous Nature: A Short Story Collection, Hags, Haints, and Hoodoo: A Supernatural Short Story Collection, Loving and Living Life One Day at a Time, Violette Ardor: A Volume of Poetry, This Sickness We Call Love: Poems of Love, Lust, and Lamentation, and two children’s books: I Would Love You and Would You Love Me?

Some of the anthologies I have been included in are: Blacktastic edited by Milton Davis, Terminus edited by Milton Davis, Fable compiled by Stacey Jane McIntosh, and The Outer Dark Symposium of the Weird 2019.

2. What’s your favorite cyberpunk book/movie/anime?

The Matrix series. I also enjoyed Ready Player One and Cloud Atlas.

3. What do you like most about Cyberpunk?

I appreciate creative visions of the future and technology.

4. For you, what’s the difference between Cyberpunk and Cyberfunk?

Cyberpunk is a sect of futuristic sci-fi set in a chaotic reality and is ruled by computer technology. Cyberfunk is cyberpunk with flavor. Cyberfunk simply embraces the culture and creativity of Africa and the African diaspora.

5. What’s the title of your Cyberfunk story?

Tony V

6. Give a brief synopsis.

An older woman is in the midst or reordering an A.I. clone of her dead husband.

7. What do you like/hate about your main character?

I like that she knows who she is and what she wants. I don’t dislike anything about her.

8. Are we heading for a Cyberfunk/Cyberpunk future?

I sincerely hope not! LOL But, anything is possible. I’m old fashioned in the belief that artificial intelligence will never surpass human intelligence. After all, technology is created not a natural creator.

9. Would you become a cyborg?

Maybe. I’ve always been enamored with the idea of being immortal. Maybe becoming a cyborg will help me evade death and halt the deterioration process.

10. Could you love an A.I.?

Love? Not possible, but we could become close companions and maybe get to know each other in a biblical sense. LOL

A.I. has no soul; however, if the world were in a post-apocalyptic dismal state, I would definitely have to redefine friend and family.

11. How do we keep with all things (your name here)?

You can find me on, on Instagram (violettel.meier and violettemeier), Facebook (Violette L. Meier), Twitter (violettemeier), Litsy (violettemeier), and TikTok (violettel.meier).

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